Mitchell Lucas Owner Of Encore Bathrooms Does Not Have Permission To Use This Logo

Encore Bathrooms Stolen Logo

Please note that this Encore Bathrooms & Flooring Logo (image to the right) that Mitchell Lucas is using was never fully paid for, and as the creator I currently hold 100% of the creative copyright for it.

I just want every to know that Mitchell Lucas doesn't own the legal right to this logo and he is profiting from using it.


I Want To Resolve This With The Encore Bathrooms Owner

I've made multiple attempts to resolve this issue so he can continue to use the logo. Unfortunately until this is resolve I cannot pass on ownership and creative rights to all three websites and this logos.

So until then I will continue to have the legal creative copyright to the Encore Bathrooms logo he is currently using on his vehicles, business cards, brochures, new website and other forms of marketing materials.

I do not live in Calgary and I have never used his services as a contractor. I am sure he does a really good job at that. This statement is not about his job quality, it is 100% in regards to him using my logo for profit without compensation.


More Info On The Copyright


"Who owns copyright?
The creator/designer owns the copyright in work he creates on a freelance basis."